Wedding Dresses with Long Sleeves

For the brides to be that are in the mind-set that a long-sleeved wedding dress implies a cautious conservative attitude – we urge you to think again. Check out the long sleeved wedding dresses below and comment how you feel.

Long sleeved wedding dresses can make a serious statement of style. Long sleeves can be just as extravagant as other more skin revealing dresses can be. From conservative quiet styles to romantic and even super modern, don’t think that a long sleeve wedding dress is old and boring.

Opting for a wedding dress with sleeves allows for more room to play with styles and your own personal style can be shown off in more detail too. One of the plus sides with long sleeved dresses is that you are often best to balance this with less jewellery which can save you lots of cash! If you feel like you are missing the wow factor because of the long sleeves, then try a long sleeve dress but with an open back or sultry neckline.

One of the best collections of long sleeve wedding dresses that we’ve found is by a company called Dynasty London who are based in London in the United Kingdom. Not only to Darius Cordell provide all types of long sleeve wedding dresses but they also offer replica designs, long sleeved evening dresses, and custom made bridal, evening and pageant gowns. One of their growing lines are of dresses for plus size brides and plus size mothers. No matter what type of wedding dress you are looking for, you should definitely check out Darius Cordell as they can ship to almost every country in the world! Also, they have been doing so since 1996 so you can rest assured that they know every single detail when it comes to working with long distance brides.

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